Ancil Hoffman Park Paintings

This is one scene among a few others from Ancil Hoffman park near Sacramento I recently painted. I wasn't able to paint on location so instead I took as many photos as I could while walking the path and enjoying the evening light hitting the trees and creating great shadows and tones.
20" x 24"
I have found the dark purple shadows of the pale yellow grass to be a great challenge to interpret but I feel the more I practice and recreate these scenes, the easier it will become and I will truly see the color.
5" x 7"
I've come to love painting quite small due to the fact that it helps me capture the essence, light and importance of the scene. I leave behind anything that isn't necessary to the overall feeling you get when viewing the images. This exercise is tremendously helpful for when I decide to paint a beautiful scene on a larger canvas, I will know what to add and what to eliminate to create appealing pieces of work.
 4" x 5"
8" x 10"