Plein Air - William Pond Park - Carmichael, CA

I find it funny that I went to a park named after and known for its pond and I didn't paint any bit of it. Although it was a beautiful pond, I found other subjects that caught my eye a bit more. I do plan on returning to this location in the future especially since this is only a 30 minute drive from my house. A lot of space, bike trails and exploring to do - and different kinds of trees for me to paint.schaeferart, brandon schaefer plein air william pond park william pond park carmichael brandon schaefer oil painting

Plein Air - Locke, CA

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This was a challenging location as it was mostly buildings, which put me out of my comfort zone. It also didn't help that what I decided on painting was completely in shadow but I knew this and thought about it while setting up and decided to go for it anyway. Either way, it was a fun experience.