Quick Thumbnail Sketches

quick sketches brandon schaefer pencil thumbnailsJust wanted to share a few of the quick sketches I do from time to time before jumping into a painting. Each of these sketches took about a minute and are a big help when I'm having trouble deciding on a composition. I knew that I wanted to paint a 6 x 6 square, so I drew out some 3 x 3 squares in my sketchbook and quickly sketched out some different things.

Wicked Tree - Sketch

Just a quick sketch I did the other day. I want to get back into illustrating soon, and maybe with some watercolor. Stay tuned. *Update 4/13/12: I ended up painting this sketch into an acrylic painting.

Perched Upon a Bust of Pallas

So here's a little bit of sketching I've done today. Eventually I'm going to get around to illustrating some Poe stories and poetry. This one is from the raven. But at the moment I'm working on doing some illustrations for Dracula, as I've almost completed reading the book! I have so many visuals and things I'd like to illustrate, but I think one of the first will be Lucy Westenra, her tomb, and as a vampire. Also, I've recently finished a few pieces: Death, Castle of the Count, and The Cat and the Moon

The Cat and The Moon - Final Version

I've drawn this twice before, but I think this may be my last time drawing it. I just wasn't satisfied with my last two attempts and felt that I had to keep trying different ideas. I feel this may be 'the one'. I plan to do it in watercolor and may add some ink, we'll see what happens as it progresses. This will also be my first time using Illustration board, rather than watercolor paper. Here's the sketch so far, getting ready to start finalizing it on the illustration board: Final Finished Piece

Practice Really Does Help

Here's a picture comparing 30-second gestures that I've been doing. The one on top is from some months ago and the bottom two are from today. Big difference - of course the newer ones are drawn a little smaller but that's how I've adapted and learned to make them look better. I recently read in a good book - draw small, think big - and it helps.