Orange Essence

Orange Essence | Brandon SchaeferThere's something about painting fruit that I just love, must be the strong colors. Although, glass can be fun too. I've been struggling with the dark backgrounds lately so I did some testing and started to use my extended palette again. I realized that I needed to achieve more contrast and darker values - and this was the way to do it. It seems darker backgrounds and low key subjects have to be dealt with differently from high key subjects - which is obvious of course, just didn't think about it in that way. More experiments in the coming days - or paintings as I like to call them :)

Red Fuji

Red Fuji | Brandon Schaefer I enjoy the simple harmony of this one - I feel like I haven't done one like this before. Still working at figuring out dark backdrops but with every painting I do, I think I'm getting closer to something I like. I did a bit of exploring this past weekend at a local park & also at Lake Berryessa - found some future spots to paint at finally. Looking forward to getting out more and doing some landscapes. Let's hope the weather stays nice. $100 Purchase on Etsy - Click Here