Still Life Experiment & Other Paintings

I painted the same still life 5 times with different lighting and canvas sizes. I probably could've painted this with more drastic changes, such as moving the light source to the right, etc.. but I felt these subtleties would be more interesting and consistent. Also, I got sick of painting this still life, so 5 times was enough! Here's what I did: #1 - 8x10 - Warm light 2700K bulb

#2 - 6x8 - Warm light 2700K bulb

#3 - 6x8 - 5000K bulb

#4 - 8x10 - Natural daylight

#5 - 5x7 - Warm light 2700K bulb

What I Learned/Observed

  • Different lighting situations alter color and harmony [obviously, but sometimes not so obvious or easy to observe]
  • Each painting is a new experience and calls for unique handling
  • Style is defined by a body of work, not by each individual piece alone
  • Size of the painting determines handling


Other Paintings

These are both still a little wet so I am unable to scan them in but I wanted to share them anyway, so here's some quick pics from my phone. Both are from life.